What are all the spells?

Gives you an extra life. Binds bricks it touches together. A small piece to build upon. Petrifies a brick so it can't move. Removes your last placed brick. Places a couple of petrified bricks.
Bricks rotate on their own. Soapy bubbles let bricks float away. Makes a brick large and heavy. Bricks drop a lot faster. Grass makes it hard to see. Bricks become very slippery.
Mist makes it hard to see. Bricks get a more difficult shape. Bricks can't be rotated. A balloon slows bricks down. Tiny ghosts steal your brick. A combination of dark magic.
An even stronger combination.

What are all the Wizard Levels?

  • Rookie Magician
  • Apprentice Magician
  • Magician
  • Rookie Sorcerer
  • Apprentice Sorcerer
  • Sorcerer
  • Rookie Wizard
  • Apprentice Wizard
  • Wizard
  • Expert Wizard
  • Master Wizard Level 1
  • Master Wizard Level 2
  • Master Wizard Level ...

Can I make videos about your game and put them online?

Yes, you absolutely can! In fact, we love to see what kind of awesome towers you are building, so make sure you send us a message with your creation.

How do I get this Trophy?

We strongly encourage you to find them yourself. However, if you are really stuck, there's a great guide right here: PlayStationTrophies.org